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Dollars and Sense 

What is the DaVinci Club?

First and foremost we are artists. We’ve chosen to be artists, as opposed to teachers or engineers or lawyers. Our vocation, though less conventional than those of a teacher or lawyer, is just as entrepreneurial. We are also small businesses, often companies of one. We endeavor to operate ethical, profitable businesses. The Club is an explicit marketing effort on behalf of six Wisconsin artists to bring our work directly to the commercial marketplace.  

What makes valuing art more challenging than other commodities or services is, determining a monetary value for an object of which the primary value is often of a very ephemeral, intangible nature. Simply calculating the number of hours plus the cost of materials multiplied by the experience of an artist does not adequately equate to the market value of a successful piece of art. The “difficult to quantify” element in the equation is the unique vision each artist brings to his or her work. The closest you can get to a predictable value for art is the consistent connection a particular artist has to his audience, customers who appreciate his vision and purchase his work. The value of a piece of art must also be balanced against what the market will bear. It is incumbent upon us to translate the value of what we create into monetary terms that will enable us to sell our work successfully.

The DaVinci Club is about selling original, innovative, fairly priced artwork.  

We seek a consistent, professional marketplace, one that can afford our work and one that possess the potential to purchase quantities of our work over time.  

Talk to us. Ask us questions. Find out how we think, and how we energize space with ideas and imagination.  

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