Judy Anderson

Star Prairie, WI 54026
Judy @luvnbitsnparts.com

When Lightning Strikes.... 

The event that led me down the path of Assemblage literally lit up my life. Following a lighting strike that blew out, fried and otherwise destroyed many of the appliances and electronics in our home, I was curious to see what it had done to their inner workings. One unscrewed bolt led to another and another and you get the picture, I was hooked on using interesting parts of one thing with altered parts of something else, "up cycling" it and creating a new "assemblage." When putting together these interesting pieces and parts, which I have collected and organized with enthusiasm and dedication through the years, I rely totally on my intuition and creative force. The piece defines itself as I work on it, developing a theme of its own. While the lightening strike happened several years ago, the wonder and discovery of how to repurpose and use my coveted collection of objects and parts in other ways, is the driving force behind my pieces.

My lifelong attraction to all things rusty, mechanical, and functional has happily landed me in the midst of the Steampunk culture. The problem solving, connecting disparate objects, altering their appearance physically and mechanically and melding them into a finished work, continues to excite me. That initial bolt of energy generated from a one in a million lighting strike, continues to generate and inspire a lifetime of new Steampunk creations.

I love creating artwork that invites the viewer to think... to discover... to enjoy
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