Barbara Riegel Bend

Roberts, WI 54023

I delight in discovering the world through art, thinking in form and color, reaching for a glimpse of the unfathomable vastness we are part of and then puzzle through the possibilities of expressing these discoveries.

I am intrigued by the human form’s ability to speak directly to our souls through subtle movement and gestures. We can unconsciously read emotions and intent through this unspoken language causing a connection or repulsion when meeting a stranger. As I maneuver my sculptured forms, I explore this internal dialog using cultural remnants. In the process I become more sensitized to this language and a small door opens to my own inner landscape.

My passion is to wrap. I wrap anything that will lend itself to my obsession. Wrapping was once essential to survival: poles lashed for shelter; grasses twisted and wrapped for food collection baskets, bodies embellished and clothed. I am drawn to the power of its ancient and primal roots. I use an assortment of colored wires, zippers, springs, piano hammers, ties, labels, entwine them with ethnic fabrics and silk remnants, to create a figure that touches deeply. The armatures of my pieces are metal that I weld and/or wind; I wrap this structure with old t-shirts to form the figure.  My wrapping is tight so my structures become solid sculptural forms. The arms and heads are bent and turned to express purpose or emotion. My figures become complete when the synchronicity of unrelated elements come together and the creative energy of wrapping moves the soul.
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