Judy Hostvet/Paulson

New Richmond, WI 54017

My passion is paper and what can be done with it. How can it be used in a commentary? How can paper's physical attributes be pushed to new dimensions? What personalities can be found within this medium? 

While growing up, my father's vocation always centered around the printed word. He welcomed his children to his workplace and lovingly shared with us the wonderful sounds of printing presses, the feel of piles of fantastic papers, the smells of inks, and the presence of creative ideas that were part of Dad's soul. The people I met as a child loved their work and were enthusiastic and dedicated. All of these sensory experiences formed the basis for love of line, texture and shape. 

Living on the beautiful backwater of the Willow River in Western Wisconsin, surrounded by plants and trees, has been a privilege and a true joy. My personal art has been about evolution...from intricate drawings, to the inclusion of paper and collage materials. With the medium of collage I am able to incorporate passion for paper with the written word, my love for family history, the understanding of principals of design and the sensory lessons that my surroundings have given me.
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